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Kelly Patterson

February 22, 2017

The Australian indie pop trio, Middle Kids, has quietly taken their place as a bona-fied group to watch in 2017 with the release of their self-titled EP. Without much fanfare they dropped their first single “Edge of Town,” in 2016 and caught the ear of rock legend, Elton John, who later endorsed them on Beats 1 Radio. The trio is lead by classically trained vocalist Hannah Joy and accompanied by guitarist Tim Fitz and drummer Harry Day. Together, the Sydney threesome has created songs that are ruminating, euphoric and confidence laced. They have drawn comparisons to a modern day Fleetwood Mac for their charming hooks and their ambitious pop prowess. Their music feels authentic and fresh but evokes memories of the 80’s with howling guitar slides and synths and the alternative flair of the 90’s. Other impressive singles on the EP include the impassioned and burgeoning tracks “Your Love” and “Never Start”. Middle Kids’ debut EP is full of angst, optimism and potential which should steer them clear of the ‘middle child syndrome’ that many bands experience. Middle Kids is now available.