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Jonathan Knox

September 23, 2016

Forever a Spice Girl, Melanie Chisholm (aka Mel C aka Sport Spice), hasn’t rested on her laurels. Aside from bringing Girl Power to the masses in the late 90s, Chisholm has also released six studio albums as a solo artist (selling over 12 million albums worldwide) as well has starred on stage in productions including, Jesus Christ Superstar and Blood Brothers.

While three of the five Spice Girls were hoping to get a reunion going this year to mark the 20th anniversary of “Wannabe” (they previously reunited for a tour in 2007), it was Chisholm and Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) who said no. Chisholm went as far as to write an essay explaining her decision.

Now 5 years since her last proper solo album, Chisholm is back with a new LP, Version of Me, and a dance-y new single titled, “Anymore” which ranks among the best she’s ever released. Watch the video for “Anymore” below and check out her album, Version of Me when it gets released October 21st via Red Girl Records.