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Kelly Patterson

April 11, 2016

The Modern Soul genre continues to soar with another solid contribution from the classic soul artist, Mayer Hawthorne. His latest release, Man About Town, is another consistent effort that shows flairs of 60’s and 70’s R&B with a touch of neo-soul and soft rock added for good measure. He effortlessly captures the Motown sound on “Get You Back” and dabbles a bit with a Reggae vibe on the song “Fancy Clothes”. One of my favorite tracks is the cool, sexy and soulful song “Breakfast in Bed” where he showcases a falsetto that channels a sensitive style similar to Robin Thicke, but that isn’t the only artist influence you’ll hear. Hall & Oats comes to mind on the mid-tempo, fun track “Love Like That”. Every song on the album is worth listening to more than once. It is the perfect accompaniment for creating a vibe where you don’t take yourself too seriously, but can relax and appreciate a fitting soundtrack to some of the finer things in life like love and leisure.