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Eric De La Torre

July 23, 2016

Major Lazer, the Jamaican project starring Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire, is back again with another summer heater featuring Justin Bieber and MO entiteld “Cold Water”. “Cold Water” could be considered their follow up to last year’s huge summer hit, “Lean On”, which ironically also featured MO.

Capitalizing off the success of their previous hits, as well as the latest directional styling of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and “Love Yourself”, Major Lazer continues to merge the chill vibes of Jamaican culture with the familiarity of pop. “Cold Water” starts off with a sweet guitar riff, echoing Justin’s “Love Yourself”, before bringing in their signature dancehall drums over it. The main chorus also features a horn section similar to their previous single “Light It Up”.

Justin continues to reinvent himself as well. “Cold Water” has him opting for something different in the sea of sameness that is modern pop, taking a risk with a non-traditional beat as well positive uplifting lyrics. While MO gets bumped from lead vocals this time around, she delivers a passionate bridge as well as complimentary background vocals to Justin’s lead.

Overall, “Cold Water” has all the right elements to be another success for Major Lazer and team, while still offering a slightly different take than their previous singles.