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Kelly Patterson

February 16, 2016

My Wild West is, folk-pop artist, Lissie’s first album on her own label Lionboy. It is introspective and reflective and offers more of the same qualities that her fans have grown to love on her previous albums Catching a Tiger and Back to Forever. Lissie doesn’t appear to be grabbing for mainstream recognition anymore on this self-financed project where she owns the music and completely over-saw all creative aspects. She has settled into a knowing of who she is and who she wants to be as an artist who’s not afraid to speak her mind or show her soul. The album is at times melancholy and rebellious and exposes a vulnerability that works with her voice. It incorporates what is trendy about current pop music without losing her identity as a folk artist at heart. “Hero,” “Daughters,” and “Don’t You Give Up on Me” are some of the more notable tracks on the album that was recently released and available everywhere.