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Ben Birchard

February 26, 2016

Lily And Madeleine’s third album, Keep It Together was released today on New West Records.

For this effort, the Indianapolis sisters collaborated again with Paul Mahern who also produced their self titled debut as well as their sophomore effort The Fumes. Musicians Kate Siefker (drums, percussion, synth, bass) and Shannon Hayden (cello, guitar, mandolin, synth) were on board to fill out the tight arrangements in the studio, and will join them on the road as well.

Keep It Together offers mellow, reflective pop tunes that belie the fact that these two are recent high-school grads. Their vocals blend seamlessly in the way sometimes only siblings can, that when laid on a bed of layered sounds and textures (there’s actually an album credit for ‘Sonic Manipulation’), produces an almost hazy, dreamy, sound that is in reality due to their precision. Check out what I’m talking about on the album’s opener “Not Gonna” below: