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Jonathan Knox

May 31, 2017

After quite a bit of nonsense (mostly in tweets directed at older brother Noel) former Oasis-lead singer / Beady Eye-frontman Liam Gallagher has released his debut single, “Wall of Glass.” The song plays to Gallagher’s strengths, so if you guessed that it’s a whinny Rock n’ Roll stomper, you guessed right! It’s not necessarily bad, it just that his to-be-expected claim that it’s incredible won’t help anything.

The single is the first studio recording we’ve heard from Gallagher, as he recently performed other new material from his upcoming solo album, at a gig in Manchester.

Gallagher’s first full length album, As You Were, is expected to arrive this October, while never to be outdone, Noel has revealed that his new album (#3 if you’re counting) should be out November 9th.

Check out “Wall of Glass” below and stay tuned for more from the Gallagher Brothers.