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Craig Clemens

October 21, 2014

Its rare that I feel compelled to share anything on my facebook wall. I don’t know what it is but I just never cared for it.

Well, that changed this morning when I heard Leon Bridges. Yes…crazy, right? Well no…Leon is simply amazing and deserves to be heard by anybody who cares enough about my opinion to listen to him (or happen upon the two fb posts I made today).

What I know about Leon is that he a singer-songwriter hailing from Forth Worth, Texas, making retro soul music in the vein of, let’s say…Charles Bradley. The difference, Leon is visibly a very young man. I don’t have a gauge on his age and I don’t really care. He writes great songs and performs them amazingly.

Leon put out 2 tracks, “Coming Home” and “Better Man”, about 10 days ago and, fingers crossed, there will be more to come. Enjoy them below.