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Jennifer Trujillo

August 15, 2018

All the ladies are indeed dropping it low in G-Eazy’s new video for “Drop”, released today. The video features Blac Youngsta and BlocBoy JB, where we see the three of them stuck in a warehouse with a bunch of half dressed women, but I’m sure they don’t mind it. I’ve talked a lot about how hip hop music videos these days all look the same with big booty girls bouncing around, however I must say that the way this video was shot and colored makes it stand out a lot more. I’m such a fan of that blue tint and those angles.

This song was released earlier this year a few weeks before he hit the road for his yearly ENDLESS SUMMER tour, which I went to and it was one of his best shows ever, (and I’ve seen about 7 of his shows). It was the perfect song to kick off the tour, and the fans go crazy for it.