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Eric De La Torre

January 14, 2017

Pop-soul singer Kiesza starts the new year off on somewhat of a bittersweet note with her newest single “Dearly Beloved”. While the track itself is great and has a fun energizing beat coupled with catchy vocals and guitars, the song has a deeply personal meaning behind it for Kiesza. She has released a statement that the song is written about her friend Alice that passed away recently. When she passed, she left behind a white electric guitar behind to Kiesza, who promised to “play the hell out of it” and never let it sit in the closet collecting dust.

And play the hell out of it she does! Kiesza’s music video for “Dearly Beloved” is a 3 three minute dance show of her solo, playing and rocking out Alice’s white electric guitar. She uses quite a bit of space as she dances around the set, kicking and throwing the guitar around beautifully to the track behind her. While there was most likely a fair bit of choreography that went into it, Kiesza executes these moves as if she just made it it up on the spot to the music. It’s something that everyone who has ever been at home alone dancing around to their favorite song can immediately identify with.

Check out Kiesza’s “Dearly Beloved” music video below: