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Craig Clemens

June 06, 2017

Kevin Morby has previously been known as the leader of the Babies and the bassist for Woods, but more recently he’s been working on more solo efforts with his LP City Music coming out next week. This record is a companion piece to his 2016 release Singing Saw. Early tracks “Come To Me Now”, “Aboard My Train” and “1234” have already been released, while today Morby shared the title track “City Music”. “It’s a rare song for me in that it’s more about the guitar than the lyrics, so when it came time to write lyrics, I wanted to make something as relatable and simple as possible to conjure up the feeling of being elated by a city’s beautiful mania,” Morby explained in a press release. The track itself is a 7-minute groove that grows throughout, while the Christopher Good directed video has a lot of fun with the idea of Morby’s words coming out of other people’s mouths.

City Music is out June 16 on Dead Oceans.