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Kelly Patterson

August 29, 2016

The world mourns the loss of a Mexican music star after he died from a heart attack on Sunday. Juan Gabriel was born Alberto Aguilera Valadez in Parácuaro, Mexico, in 1950. He is one of Mexico’s most successful vocalists. A six-time Grammy nominee who has sold 100 million records and has performed sold-out concerts throughout the world. His music provided the soundtrack for festive occasions and for heartbreak with his beautiful and endearing ballads. His legacy is forever ingrained in Latin music as he has brought together an entire culture and influenced many of his contemporaries such as Marc Anthony and Juanes. His music spans across several genres from rock to pop and Mariachi among other styles. He’s just as relevant today as he has ever been leading Billboard magazine’s Top Latin Albums charts five times in the past 18 months. Not only is he an enigmatic singer and flamboyant performer, but he was a gifted writer who wrote more than 1,000 songs. The youngest of ten children, Gabriel was raised in the border town of Juarez by his mother, who worked as a housekeeper. He went on to own the mansion in which she worked and made his entire country proud as Mexico’s favorite son. Juan Gabriel embarked on his latest tour on Aug. 19, and performed to a sold-out Forum in Inglewood, Calif., on Friday.