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Kelly Patterson

March 08, 2016

WGN America is hoping for the same musical magic for their new show “Underground” that won John Legend an Oscar (with Common) for “Glory”, the original song in the 2014 movie “Selma”. Legend and his production company will serve as executive producer for the drama that tells the story about the underground railroad. He has already used his musical influence to inject some major artists into the mix such as Kanye West and The Weeknd. Other artists who will contribute to the shows musical identity are Marz León and Alice Smith. “Music is part of the emotion. We were trying to help tell the story with the power of the music. I’ve written a lot of songs for soundtracks and scores, and it’s always fun to see it connect. When it comes together beautifully, it’s such a powerful moment,” says Legend. The series, which will showcase a blend of old songs with fresh updates as well as some new music, premieres Wednesday March 9th.