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Jennifer Trujillo

October 15, 2018

I don’t blog a lot about country music, so if I do you know it’s worth a listen / read. I got to listen to my first Jimmie Allen song today and I said what most of you are probable saying…. who? So I did my research and learned that he’s a country artist we should know about. His story snagged my attention quickly because unlike most country artists, he had quite the battle in Nashville. After working 3 jobs and living in his car for several months because he couldn’t pay rent, he’s finally broken out in the spotlight. Now at 33, he’s accomplished things like playing Music City’s iconic Grand Ole Opry, and landing his first single “Best Shot”, dedicated to his four-year-old son, on the Billboard Hot 100.

Allen’s music draws from traditional country, rock, R&B and a special groove that Allen listens for in every song he considers recording. The song that caught my attention was “County Lines”, because in all honesty I heard the lyric “No Diggity”, and was like “okay, who is this guy”. You can check it out below and become a fan yourself.