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Jennifer Trujillo

November 20, 2017

“My mom sings while she’s dangling from buildings, what does your mom do”?

Those are words I imagine P!nks daughter Willow would say to her friends after watching her mother scale down the JW Marriott during her latest American Music Awards performance. As if dangling from the building wasn’t enough, she was flipping through the air doing her well known acrobats WHILE delivering a perfect vocal!!! WHO DOES THAT? She has definitely taken live performances to another level. Every time I watch a live performance of hers I always think, “how will she top this”? Well, she definitely has the upper hand now on anyone’s live game, and I once again ask myself, “how will she top this”?

I’m actually scared for her life to find out…

Katy Perry tweeted while watching this performance: “P!nks performance is the stuff of a legend”.

She’s my hero.