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Eric De La Torre

October 30, 2015

“To U”, one of Skrillex and Diplo’s breakout singles on their debut album together as the collective Jack U, has a new remix out from George who is half of the singer/producer combo Alunageorge. Although Aluna Francis often gets alot of the stage time and name recognition due to her amazing vocals and good looks, George Reid is the often understated brains and production powerhouse of the operation, and is a large reason Alunageorge has seen the success it has today. His productions are known for being minimal in nature, often being spacious with select sounds and featuring anti-climatic builds to draw in the listener.

Alunageorge is credited as a featured artist in the original single. Now George takes the reigns firmly in his hands and delivers his signature style in this compelling, yet chill and catchy downtempo remix of “To U”. It begins with some haunting, almost cinematic horns that emulate that all this is almost coming from an old TV set. As the song progresses and the beat builds, George creates some wonderful tension and anticipation before breaking us down into a bell driven lead, with some 808 kicks and wonderfully original percussion driving the song forward.

Listen to the George remix of “To U” below: