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Eric De La Torre

March 19, 2016

Iggy dropped her new single entitled “Team” off her upcoming album Digital Distortion, and it sure does slap. But is it the producers behind the curtain or Iggy herself that makes it that way?

“Team” is hard-hitting right off the bat with a freaky saw bass line that manages to stay catchy as the main hook for the song, while still inviting some more-than-welcome edge into the production. Backed up by some solid punch drums, Iggy gets to work. Her lyrics are an ironic ode to self-reliance, stating that she’s the only person she needs to succeed ““And it’s all on me / Yeah that’s all I be / Baby I got me / Only friend I need”.

But what really drives this song is the production behind it. Producer and co-writer for Ty Dolla $ign Chordz, LA producer Nezzo, and Fall Out Boy “Centuries” co-producer Omega are all on the roster credits. While the beat starts very fresh, at times it can feel like there were too many cooks in the kitchen, and lacks a certain cohesiveness that screams billboard hit.

Nevertheless, “Team” is a good first step to give us an idea of what Iggy’s new album has in store. Accompanying the single was the release of a music video as well. Check it out below: