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Ben Birchard

April 07, 2016

British rock quartet The Heavy released their latest album last Friday, and it’s a banger! Hurt & The Merciless taps into 70’s funk in the best way possible on a rock record, with groovy bass-lines and guitar hooks everywhere.

Big Brass horns announce the record on the opener “Since You Been Gone”; front man Kelvin Swaby is at his James Brown-ish best on “What Happened To The Love”, and the band is right with him. That track also manages to rescue Hand Claps from the pseudo-folk they’d been relegated to in recent years and reclaims them for Rock. For that, we can all be grateful. The album continues on at a frantic pace, with funky torch songs like “The Apology” and “Slave To Your Love” really standing out as dance floor burners. By the time The Heavy hit the record’s only ballad “Goodbye Baby” it’s almost (ironically) a mercy to slow down a bit. It’s the song Lenny Kravitz has been trying to pen since “Stand By My Woman”.

If you’re into the rocking and or rolling, spend some time with this record, produced by the band themselves and released on Bad Son. You can listen to it all below: