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Tony Young

December 04, 2015

If you think of all the popular genres of music and if I gave you a selection of eight: Folk, Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, Country, Indie Rock, Hip Hop and Electronic. Which one would have the highest vocabulary. Ya I know I gave it away in the title, Hip Hop scored the largest vocab count according to a study by Musixmatch.

Here’s the mathematical deduction of the vocab process Hip Hop garnered 1,963 words and 478 words used per song and 94 new words per song. Coming surprisingly in second place was heavy metal, with a vocabulary size of 1,533. Electronic music no surprise came in dead last scoring 1,188 and 852 largely due its instrumental nature.

In a brief summation The vocabularies of the 99 top selling musicians were studied. They looked closely at comparing the average vocabulary sizes of popular genres. It’s really no surprise Hip Hop came out on top due to it’s wordy verses and street slang.

How will this change our Lives. Hmmmmm I’m still looking for words on that one!

Eminem’s “Rap God” was Guinness World record holder with 1560 words.

Then came UK rapper Harry Shotta’s – “Animal” with 1771 words (Guinness hasn’t blessed him Yet!)