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Jennifer Trujillo

April 10, 2018

Looks like this song missed the deadline for the Fifty Shades Freed movie, it would fit right in. This is quite a unique duo that I never thought I’d hear, but with a song titled “Love Is Madness”, it kind of makes sense. In my opinion, Jared Leto can sing any love song and i’m in love, it’s a gold, SOLD. However, adding Halsey was brilliant because both of their seductive voices blended together perfectly to deliver this firey track.

Originally the track was supposed to just be solo, but when he decided to add a female to make it a duo the choice was a no-brainer. “She’s absolutely one of a kind. She’s brave and bold and talented beyond belief. She has a stunning voice, and I really am so glad that song, which started off just with me singing it, ended up being a duet.”

“Sometimes you do something with another artist and magic happens, and I really feel like there’s something special inside of that song and she’s the reason for it,” he added.

Listen to the new track “Love Is Madness” below.