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Jennifer Trujillo

November 08, 2017

I’ll admit it, with no shame, I’m a G-Eazy groupie, and I have been since what feels like years ago when I’d watch him play nightclubs that fit about 100 people max in the bay area where he’s from. Now look at him, he’s easily one of the biggest rappers in the game today. One week after he puts out an album I’m already getting anxious for the next. After his last release, which was an EP earlier this year, it doesn’t look like I’ll be waiting too much longer. “The Beautiful And The Damned”, which will be a double disc album is set to be released on December 15th. However it’s not just an album you have to anticipate, he’s also releasing a short film with the album which in his words is “Gerald against G-Eazy”. It can’t come soon enough.

“The concept of it is kinda split in half and it’s two CDs, but for all intents and purposes its 20 songs, it’s just a long album,” he explained. “The concept of it is kinda like its about the lifestyle, ‘The Beautiful and Damned.’ Like being a kid, having the dream of doing this, starting from square one, from outside looking in from without having nothing – to chasing this dream, and then all these years down the road of following this yellow brick road trying to get to where you’re going, one day waking up and being like, ‘Did it take me where I wanted to go?’ This fantasy of, like, sex, drugs, & rock ‘n’ roll is kinda clichéd, but it’s clichéd for a reason. It’s dark.”

Here’s a sneak peak at the short film.