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Eric De La Torre

March 05, 2016

We all love Bruno Mars’ smash hit (and now 2016 Grammys Record of the Year) “Uptown Funk”. Well get ready to meet the little sister “Sax” by Fleur East.

Though not commercially related, they do have a very similar style and feel in common. Though this track did come out late last year, and went a bit under the radar, Sax represents many of the cool and good-time feels that made Uptown funk so catchy and fun. Featuring the big funk sections, and smooth lyrics, Fleur East definitely shows that girls can be just as hip and funky as the guys.

While her single may not pick up as much steam as “Uptown Funk” did, you will definitely be doing yourself a disservice by not giving it a listen. Hopefully we continue to see more breakout tracks like this from Fleur East to come.