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Eric De La Torre

September 22, 2016

Abel Tesafye, better known to most as the Weeknd, has released his latest single “Starboy” featuring Daft Punk, ahead of his new albu of the same name, set to debut in November. This is his first single to debut off of the album, and is currently only available on Apple Music and Spotify as a stream, as well as some record pools.

While both fans of the pop star and legendary electronic music duo will both be thrilled about the collaboration, Daft Punk fans may want to hold up. “Starboy” is definitely more Weeknd than Daft Punk. Best known for his dark moods and gritty lyrics on life, “Starboy” plays right into the Weeknd’s playbook. While Daft Punk’s touch is light, most noticeably the vocoder background vocals in the chorus, any new material from them collaboration or otherwise is always welcome.

While not as energetic as other Daft Funk material, “Starboy” is sure to be a hit when officially released later this year with a music video likely to follow. Check out the early listen on Spotify below: