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Kelly Patterson

September 15, 2016

Who knows for sure what exactly legends are made of? One thing that’s for certain is that they have lasting power, global influence and they trigger an emotional reaction that can bring the most avid fan to tears of joy. Before Beyoncé there was Janet and Tina Turner, Madonna before Lady Gaga and Whitney before Adele… the list can literally go on and on. It’s been said that, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Some artists do it unabashedly and intentionally while calling it their own and others are such huge fans of their mentors musical influence that they simply emulate their greatness out of respect and appreciation. This tribute to the living legend, Patti LaBelle, from Fantasia reminds me of such a moment. The admiration she shows and the apparent impact Patti has had on her life is so apparent in her passionate and inspiring performance. It’s absolutely refreshing when the culmination of a young artist paying homage to an established one, results in a demonstration overflowing with love, awe and immeasurable talent. If you can watch the below video and not be moved by Fantasia’s performance or Patti’s response to it… then you may not have a pulse!