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Jennifer Trujillo

September 14, 2018

Someone get me some popcorn because I love sitting back and watching this all go down.

“How you gonna name yourself after a damn gun, and have a man bun”. (Insert my laughter here).

We all knew it wouldn’t be long before Eminem fired back at Machine Gun Kelly with not just a few lyrics in a song, but a whole song dedicated to just how fed up he is with MGK’s sad attempts to diss him. Well Eminem fans wait no longer because that song is here, and it’s a full 4 minutes of direct fire thrown directly back at MGK and his song “Rap Devil”.

I’m an Eminem fan, ride or die for life, so the song “Rap Devil” definetly got under my skin. I couldn’t wait until this song came, and it’s exactly what I expected.

So what is this feud all about? I guess you could say this whole thing started to get heated back in 2012 when MGK tweeted about Em’s daughter Hailie, which was pretty much signing his own death certificate, meaning Em would now kill him with lyrics. Then when MGK released “Rap Devil”, which was an answer to the diss in the song “Not Alike” off of Kamikaze, let’s just say that was the fuel Eminem needed.

“Are you eating cereal, or oatmeal? WTF’s in the bowl? Milk? Wheaties or Cheerios? Cause I’m taking a S*** in them Kelly. I need reading material”. That line was a favorite of mine because when I saw the “Rap Devil” video, and he was eating out of a bowl I thought “what’s this fool doing… ”

Honestly, I think this isn’t over. There’s more to come. Can I get a video for this please??!! Check out the song below.