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Jennifer Trujillo

August 31, 2018

Just eight months after his last album “Revival”, Eminem dropped a new unannounced and surprise album for his fans at midnight early Friday morning. On “Kamikaze”, Em basically tells everybody who hated his last album exactly what he thinks of them. While this album was a surprise, him blowing off steam and spitting vengeance with fire most certainly is not.

I’ve been a hardcore Eminem fan since day one, ask anyone who knows me, and I still cringe sometimes at some of his lyrics, but no one can do what he does, I stand by that. Some reviews I’ve already read said that this kind of sounds like 2002 Eminem, stepping on everyone who’s ever criticized him or his music. Throughout the album he throws heat at Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Tyler The Creator Lil Xan, Die Antwood, and more.

The album was produced by Dr. Dre and Eminem and is streaming live now.