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Eric De La Torre

June 04, 2016

Any day that DJ Snake release a new track is a good day in my book. Yesterday, the french producer and DJ put out a new song on Youtube called “Talk”, featuring George Maple. George Maple ironically, is actually a female vocalist by the name of Jess Higgs, and her warm soulful vocals really add something special to this already catchy single.

As DJ Snake has seen continued success with big commercial release like “Lean On”, his newer productions have strayed from his loud percussive and abrasive tracks he plays on his festival circuit tracks. The same can be said for “Talk”, which may be his most mainstream release yet even more so than his previous “Middle”.

Just in time for summer, “Talk” has awesome tropical house and chill vibes coupled with a wonderfully rhythmic percussive beat. The climax features a catchy melody of chopped vocals, as has become DJ Snake’s signature style.

Expect this track to be making radio headplay in the coming weeks