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Eric De La Torre

October 16, 2015

Nothing like a little fresh DJ Snake to kick off the weekend. Not even 24 hours old yet on Vevo, DJ Snake tries out his latest melodic formula on his new single “Middle”, featuring vocals from Bipolar Sunshine.

After seeing success with wildly popular “Lean On”, it seems that DJ Snake has put his traditionally harder style on the backseat in favor of melodic, poppier beats. That being said, there are still signs of DJ Snake all over this. As usual, he drops an amazing beat filled with very percussive sounding synths. He is also a master of vocal manipulation, often taking small vocals samples and stretching and bending them to form new melodies and leads, which often make up the meat of his dance drops.

While some of his live sets may suggest otherwise, he is also a prolific songwriter and professional at writing catching melodies. Having production credits on Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, he is certainly no stranger to pop, and it’s good to hear him stretch his songwriting muscles in addition to just his sound design ones.

“Middle” is available now on iTunes and Beatport