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Sarah Nazim

June 05, 2018

Our Discover feature highlights artists from multiple genres so that you always have new music to add to your playlists!

About Twinsmith

Longtime friends Jordan Smith and Matt Regner had written a pair of records as Twinsmith, starting with 2013’s self-titled debut and then 2015’s Alligator Years – which earned press attention from outlets including NPR Music’s All Songs Considered, Interview, NYLON (‘Band Crush’), and Culture Collide, among others. While the lineup would grow to include bassist Bill Sharp and others to round out the stage, the songwriting core learned to vary their approach while relying on each other to push the plot forward.

Starting as DIY tinkerers in a basement, Smith and Regner would evolve their sound from hazy surf rock to a fuller, more dynamic guitar-and-keys pop appeal, making good use of the perks like recording studios and engineers that often come with progress. Their latest release is stripped back with old synths and ‘80s drum machines.

If you’re a fan of Foster the People and/or The Rubens you’ll enjoy Twinsmith’s music!

Top Tracks by Twinsmith