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Craig Clemens

April 13, 2012

On January 13th, 2012 at 10 a.m., thousands of music junkies savored that faithful moment when the Coachella Festival tickets finally went on sale. By then, it was a race against time to get the hottest ticket in town to one of the biggest festivals to hit the west coast. With 130+ acts, the lineup brought spectacular interest. By 1:00 p.m. PST, all tickets were sold out.

Thousands will gather in Indio, California to witness the music power house that is Coachella. This year the festival will be held over two separate weekends for the first time ever, proving that Coachella has immensely grown in popularity over these past couple of years. The lineup includes Radiohead, Kaskade, Arctic Monkeys, and David Guetta just to name a few. There will be 5 separate stages with music carrying on non-stop. This is good and bad. On the one hand more stages = more artists, but on the other hand this can lead to schedule conflicts. What bands will you have to choose? Is it going to be between The Black Keys and M83? Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg or Avicii? The choice is yours, so make sure to plan accordingly. Here are some additional artists that I’m looking forward to seeing: Kendrick Lamar, DJ Shadow, Frank Ocean, First Aid Kit, Dragonette, Morgan Page, Santigold, The Weeknd, and The Growlers.



While the artists performing at Coachella cause all the rage, there are also other features to be on the lookout for. Each year they feature remarkable installation art and sculptures. The attendees will be able to enjoy the interactive art throughout the Coachella grounds, which in previous years has been graced with artwork from Hotshot the Robot, Robochrist Industries, and The Do LaB. Also, they always have limited addition posters created by the artist Emek, so try to get your hands on one of those babies.
Every year Coachella tries to promote their attendees to take the green route by carpooling to reduce their carbon footprint. For those of you who choose to carpool with 4 or more people in one car and have the word “Carpoolchella” displayed somewhere on your car, you’ll have a chance to be selected by a “secret spotter” to win V.I.P. passes for life for everyone in the vehicle. Another thing to note on your Coachella to-do list is if you bring 10 empty water bottles to recycle, you will be given one fresh water bottle in exchange. This is part of Coachella’s partnership with Global Inheritance where they created the 10 for 1 recycling program, which was implemented in 2007.
So ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the biggest music festival in California. This year the temperature is predicted to be around the 80’s with 40% chance of rain, so you won’t be sweating bullets (unlike the previous years). Because of Coachella’s close proximity to Los Angeles, a number of celebrities attend the festival, but this writer is most excited to spot Danny DeVito, who attends almost every year. If the Penguin from Batman Returns approves, you are sure to have an amazingly awesome experience.