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Jennifer Trujillo

May 23, 2018

What happened to the days where music videos used to deliver powerful messages? The ones that really made you feel something after you watch them. Those are the videos I love. Director Luke Gilford, along with Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato bring that powerful feeling that I love with the new music video for “Fall In Line”. Since the songs release last week it’s already made a HUGE impression on not only women, but men also who believe strongly that no woman should ever fall in line, not just in this industry but in every form of equality.

Leave it to Christina Aguilera to make sure we all know she’s got something strong to say, and no man or woman for that matter is going to shut her up. Within the first few seconds I already knew the video was going to own up to the songs powerful message. Every raw emotion is well felt through this visual, and it’s done to perfection. Well done Luke.