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Eric De La Torre

October 29, 2016

Pop & electronic singer Charli XCX is back with another dancefloor and radio hit entitled “After the After Party”. Charli is best known for her fun and upbeat blend of electronic dance themed sounds to a pop radio format. Her feature on Iggy Izalea’s “Fancy” helped grow her base, and propelled her follow up singles “Boom Clap” and “Break the Rules” from her album Sucker which released in late 2014.

Charli XCX brings long up and coming rapper Lil Yachty to feature, who is fresh off of his success from his alternative and softer spoken style showcased on “1 Night”. While neither Charli or Yachty brings anything new or memorable lyrically, talking mostly about keep the party going through till the morning, Charli still shows she is capable of bringing a fun, catchy hook that stays with you, assisted by an equally fun piano line.

“After the After Party” will keep you bouncing and dancing in your car, or in the club and is likely to debut on her upcoming third studio album. Check the video below for her official audio: