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Craig Clemens

October 06, 2014

Following up ‘Boom Clap’ and ‘Break the Rules’, Charli XCX has shared the third single off her upcoming LP Sucker. After a pretty big summer, which included her singing the hook for the hit of the season, ‘Fancy’, and having her first single featured in the teen-heartbreak movie of the summer, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, we’re all kinda wondering if she can follow up this pop-success with a banger of a pop album. The answer? We’ll have to wait and see, but according to her interview with the Rolling Stone she has certainly surrounded herself with the right producers:

Justin Raisen is one of the most amazing producers around right now, and he’s going to blow the fuck up in the next couple of years. That’s something that I would never usually do, take a song that’s basically almost been written for me, but it was a song that Justin made, and I was like, fuck, this song is so good and it feels like it’s about me.

Raisen himself has already worked and co-wrote with Sky Ferreria on her song Night Time, My Time.