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Sarah Nazim

February 02, 2018

Canadian reggae sensation Exco Levi and The High Priest Band stopped by the RX Music studio for a live performance that will air on Friday, February 9th, 2018 at 8pm EST!



Born in Jamaica, Exco brings his Caribbean influences to  Canada’s music scene. His strong writing skills complement his lyrical prowess and delivery. Exco’s musical influences include the late Garnet Silk, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh as well as contemporaries like Sizzla Kolonji.

Exco has three albums out to-date including, Words of the Wise EP, Country Man and his most recent Narrative.He has won five Juno Awards to date for his tracks,  “Bleaching Shop” (2012), “Storms of Life”(2013) , “Strive” (2014) ,  “Welcome the King (2015) and “Siren”(2017) .



In an interview with the Toronto Star, he raises a good point about mainstream radio and its need to give more light to the reggae genre as it’s widely adored both globally and in Canada:

“Most people in Canada consider reggae music as a niche market,” says Levi, born Wayne Levy. “This music plays in every continent, so I don’t understand why it’s considered a niche market. Even in this day, Bob Marley is still topping iTunes and all the major record online stores across the world. It’s not the No. 1 music in Canada, but you still have people all in Canada who appreciate it. I’m honoured to be a reggae ambassador here in Canada, bringing forward reggae music from back home in Jamaica.”

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