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Sarah Nazim

June 29, 2018

Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for my Valentine have released their sixth studio album ‘Gravity’.  The 11-track record is hard hitting with fierce hooks and catchy melodies. ‘Not dead yet’ and ‘The Very Last Time’ really stood out as a radio hits!

According to Scenestr, ‘Gravity’ is the band’s most personal album to-date as lead singer Matt Tuck explains:

I’ve been going through a lot of sh*t behind-the-scenes since 2015 in my personal life. Unfortunately my marriage fell apart and I slipped into depression because of it.

A lot of emotional turmoil comes with going through a situation like that; it’s not something I thought I would ever be in. We have a child and a life and all that felt like it was falling apart.

The album is all about me really and about those situations: how I felt, how I was dealing with it, what I wanted to do with my life, what I didn’t want to do with my life – it touches on the depression.”

Hear the album + watch Matt Tuck’s RX Music interview with Master T!