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Eric De La Torre

November 19, 2016

Britney Spears released her latest music video for “Slumber Party”, from her ninth studio album Glory. The single features an appearance and background vocals from up-and-coming RnB/pop singer Tinashe. While the song probably would’ve benefited from heavier use of Tinashe’s talents, overall this song is a winner. Britney’s long-term success is due in part with her ability to shape her sound to the in-demand music trends of the time, and “Slumber Party” is no exception.

Taking heavily from the surge in future bass and chill beats from artists such as Flume, Lorde, Cashmere Cat, and Dusky, “Slumber Party” features very three-dimensional synth work with peculiar percussion sounds that create a sense of dimension and space that have become key to this style. Other pop artists have become aware of this trend as well and incorporated it into their respective sounds (think Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side”).

With a firm foundation in the beat department laid out, Britney adds her signature vocals and world renowned choreography to create a hit. While again, it would’ve been nice to see and hear more of Tinashe in this song and video, it’s nice to see she is starting to get the attention and respect from A-list artist that she deserves.

See the new music video for “Slumber Party” (Explicit) below: