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Jennifer Trujillo

January 28, 2019

It’s no lie that there was on screen chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in the film “A Star Is Born”, but imagine seeing a live version of it. I couldn’t imagine what that would be like, but every person in the audience of her “ENIGMA” show last weekend got to experience it first hand. Bradley thought he was just there to enjoy the show until Lady Gaga surprised her fans (and him) by inviting him on stage to sing their hit song “Shallow” with her. The crowd was screaming so loud I’m surprised he could hear himself sing. I’m not gonna lie, the performance had me tear up a little bit. The way the look at each other you would think they were actually in love.

The song “Shallow” has already won a Golden Globe for best original song, and it’s nominated for an Oscar as well.

See the heartfelt performance below.