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Eric De La Torre

June 11, 2016

Ever since Alex Ridha, aka Techno genius Boys Noize, first played this monster on his RunX tour in late 2014 it’s been buzzing around the festival and dance communities. The hip hop hybrid jam samples the well known Missy Elliott single “Work It”, specifically the bell riddled beat toward the end of the track.

While the sample is fairly simple, Boys Noize manages to add a great deal of complexity to what is otherwise a fairly straightforward beat. Dropping in vocal chops and vinyl cuts between the beats, just when you think you’ve got it down, he switches it up again. As the song breaks in the middle for the second build, he brings in a faint acid lead that slowly climaxes into a monster for the second half.

While Boys Noize will always be known for true Techno, it’s nice to see him break out of the box every once in awhile with something fresh like this.