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Craig Clemens

October 25, 2016

In case you didn’t already have a reason not to get out of your sweatpants and stay in bed, Boiler Room has teamed up with “leading provider of 360 and VR entertainment content” Inception to create the worlds first virtual reality music venue. Currently in development, the new VR venue is due to launch in 2017 and will be curated with unique events by Boiler Room and Inception.

Although Boiler Room has been doing an excellent job in hosting and filming club experiences across the world for years, they have been looking for a way to make the experience more immersive and universal. In a press release, Blaise Bellville, CEO of Boiler Room said, “Most of Boiler Room’s audience is made up of global online users who tune int o watch music events they can’t attend in person. We’ve always been driven by using technology to showcase the music we care about in the must authentic way we can.”