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Kelly Patterson

October 13, 2016

American singer songwriter, Bob Dylan, has won the 2016 Nobel prize for literature. Dylan’s music and lyrics spoke to a generation of people during the tempestuous 1960s, chronicled social unrest and helped electrify the civil rights movement. His influential songs, “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “The Times They Are a-Changin'” became civil rights and anti-war anthems. His influence, for over 5 decades, cannot be denied and continues to ignite and inspire rock, pop and folk music today. Although Dylan was a long-shot to win the award and other writers such as Japanese author Haruki Murakami, American novelist Philip Roth and Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong’o were more highly revered, the actual list of nominees will be kept confidential for 50 years. The Swedish Academy’s permanent secretary, Sara Danius, said, “Dylan is a great poet in the English-speaking tradition” and recommended his 1966 album, Blonde on Blonde for those unfamiliar with his vast body of work, saying it contained “many examples of his brilliant way of rhyming and putting together refrains and his pictorial thinking.” The social and political activist who, in 2012, won the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama, can now add Nobel prize winner to his long list of accolades which also includes eleven Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award!