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Andre Grant

September 04, 2015

Black Maps, Motel Rooms, Whiskey & Lera Lynn

True Detective this year may have sucked for some; But If there was one good thing that came out of the latest season it’s that the very talented singer-songwriter Lera Lynn is finally getting the exposure that she deserves.

In my opinion, True Detective Season 2 had some of the greatest performances I’ve seen in a television series all year, but in all honesty half of the reason why I tuned in every Sunday was to see the next live performance of Lera Lynn. It’s no coincidence that my favorite parts of the season took place in the bar where she would often perform alongside Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn.

Even though she’s been making great music since 2011, the buzz around Lera Lynn started to snowball when the teaser trailer featured the T-Bone Burnett collaborated track “The Only Thing Worth Fighting For”

Check out the teaser that started all of the hype, and the full length track below:

Official Audio: