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Jennifer Trujillo

July 26, 2018

Music videos. I can talk for hours about music videos. Especially the days when pop videos were at the top of their game. It feels so weird to say “remember the days of TRL”, as if it was so long ago, however it kind of was. Those were the days when you’d turn on MTV and guess what you’d see…… MUSIC VIDEOS! Something this generation will never understand and it breaks my heart. I was so happy to see that Billboard ranked the top 100 music videos of the 21st century because I knew this list would be amazing. I’m not going to get into every single one of my favorites on this list because this blog will never end, but I will name the ones that made me say to myself, “THAT’S RIGHT”!

Lets just start with number one on the list, because no joke, it’s my number one as well.

Number one on the list, Lady Gaga – “Bad Romance”. Good job Billboard, you got this right. Francis Lawrence, the director that I’ve adored since the 90’s. The visuals for this video are dark, yet so gorgeous. There’s a scene where she’s standing still in a room and the camera is moving in a 360 around her, (sigh) that made me fall in love with cinematography. I could go on and on about everything else I love about this video, but just watch and see for yourself why this is number one.

Number 24 on this list, Justin Timberlake – “Cry Me A River”. That video taught me, and I’m sure showed the world that revenge is even more powerful when it’s shown in a beautiful art form. Such a brilliant video.

Number 26 on this list, Christina Aguilera – “Dirrty” – Come on. If you don’t love this video then this list is not for you. David LaChapelle, one of my favorite directors presents women’s sexuality in the most powerful and “dirrty” way. Even the first 20 seconds of the visuals in this video are strong. This has always been one of my top favorites, (and not just because she’s my favorite).

Number 42 on the list, Jay-Z – “99 Problems”. THIS VIDEO IS SO GOOD. I interned at the company that represented Mark Romanek, the director, so I was lucky enough to get to learn from him. He’s BRILLIANT. The visuals here are so strong and hard hitting. Romanek is such a force to be reckoned with in the music video game, and this video proves why. The last scene of this video is so powerful. So powerful that I can’t even find a version on the internet to play because they’ve been taken down because of controversy.

Number 43 on the list, Johnny Cash – “Hurt”. Another gem from Mark Romanek. Again being able to intern with the company that shot this music video was such an honor, because I was able to see this footage first hand. The video was shot literally within the last few months of Johnny’s life. Just being able to capture these moments on film is breathe taking.

Number 6 on this list, Rihanna & Calvin Harris – “We Found Love”. This music video changed my whole mindset and inspired me all over again on a whole other level. Director Melina Matsoukas, one of my personal idols, and another huge force in the music video world. The edits are on point, the cinematography is beautiful, and the concept, perfection.

This entire list from 100 down to 1 makes me so happy. You can check out the rest of the videos below.