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Kelly Patterson

November 02, 2015

Queen Bee has teamed up with multi-talented producer, songwriter and DJ, Naughty boy, after nearly a year away. He is best known for his impressive work with Sam Smith and Emeli Sandé and doesn’t miss a beat with Beyoncé behind the mic. Although this is their first collaboration, their chemistry feels intrinsic on this piano-laden ballad that moves, evolves and transcends its unassuming beginning. The heart-wrenching song that belts out pleas of romantic reconciliation over crescendoing rhythms also features solid vocals from British singer, Arrow Benjamin, on the second verse. The result is pure magic that finds both Beyoncé and Arrow fitting nicely in the pocket of their raw delivery in this minimalistic ballad. The video for the song is the icing on the cake with its visually appealing and slick style that feature lovers symbolically battling the ebb and flow of love in the vast ocean. The vocals are almost completely stripped in the end as the reunited pair embrace and ascend together. “Runnin’ (Lose it All)” is available digitally.