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Kyle Grounds

August 14, 2015

Grandiose, dynamic, heavy, melodic, technically challenging: these are all words that fall equally short when trying to describe Between the Buried and Me’s music.

“The Coma Machine” is the first official video to come out of BTBAM’s 7th full-length record Coma Ecliptic and it is an absolute powerhouse. The song covers the thoughts of a man who is about to enter himself into a coma to escape life, the gravity of this choice clearly having a maddening effect on him. The video (while mostly the director’s unique interpretation) does a excellent job of conveying that madness through the different rooms that the main character walks through.

This record (and indeed this song) marks a slight tone-down in the screaming vocals department which was a concious decision by the band. It marks something of an evolution for the band, who are putting tremendous amounts of effort into not growing stale over time. In the “Hardcore” genre of metal it’s hard to sound different from all the others, let alone from yourself release after release. These guys pull it off tremendously.