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Ben Birchard

February 12, 2016

Basia Bulat’s 4th studio album was released today and is another step in the evolution of the Canadian songstress. Produced by My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, and recorded mostly in Louisville, Kentucky at La La Land studio,Good Advice is very well rounded effort. Bulat has broken out of the folk festival circuit to tour more recently with St. Vincent, and you can hear it in her music.

Another thing that jumped out at me was that there are some actual UP tempo tracks on this record. After sleeping through Adele’s latest album, it’s nice to hear anything that falls into a pop vein with some energy to it. Okay, Adele’s album is pretty good, but Bulat proves that you can write upbeat songs that deal with loss and sadness. There can be some freedom and even joy in letting go of the past. The opening tracks “La La Lie” and “Long Goodbye” are great examples of this.

Good Advice was released on Bulat’s label Secret City Records. Check out the previously released single “Fool” below: