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Eric De La Torre

March 15, 2016

Avicii continues his streak of commercial success with his latest track featuring Conrad Sewell “Taste the Feeling’. Having fully embraced his marriage of electronic production with folk and country elements, this single has Avicii’s signature sound design while maintaining a very top 40 billboard sound. In fact, this might be his most poppy single to date.

Beyond the music, this track’s biggest story is the endorsement it has received from beverage company Coca-Cola. Mainly attributed to the lyric “We can watch the waves have a Coke and just sit here beside me”, it’s easy to see why the soda franchise was all over this. While Avicii is no stranger to brand endorsements, receiving earlier deals from companies such as Macy’s and Ralph Lauren, his latest deal with Coke may be his biggest yet, and is sure to launch his career even further into the statosphere.

You can “taste the feeling” as well and check out the video for the song below: