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Craig Clemens

April 03, 2017

Amber Arcades have a new EP on the way. Cannonball, which will also include Annelotte De Graaf’s cover of Nick Drake’s “Which I Will,” is indroduced by the today’s release of “Can’t Say That We Tried.” The dazed organ and guitar ballad is surprisingly spare considering the rest of De Graaf’s catalog. She said about the piece,

“I feel like a lot of times when I am attracted to a certain person or situation, it is not so much the person or situation itself but more my idea of what they represent, and this idea does not necessarily represent reality in any way.

Getting to know people is scary because it necessarily requires you to burry your idealised version of a person and thereby burry a little piece of yourself or your childlike dreams maybe. But then again if you run away the moment someone doesn’t seem to nicely conform to your idealised vision you can’t really say you’ve tried or given anything a fair shot.”

Cannonball is out 6/2 on Heavenly.