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Regan McDonnell

May 19, 2021

Master T treats us to a lovely sit-down with group and movement leader, Toronto artist and community organizer, Amai of Amai Kuda et Les Bois!

Amai, joined by her son Imoja, discussed their upcoming album EmUrgency!, which dives into African traditional spirituality while mixing influences from Afrohouse, neo-Motown, alt-rock, hip-hop all the way to downtempo.  Much like a lot of Amai’s material, the work focuses on the relationship between the human and the divine, relationship with spirit, while also simultaneously political.

Retailers where you will be able to purchase EmUrgency! on vinyl, starting May 28th:

Toronto – Mike’s Music / Chronic Pain Records / Flipping Vintage / Ani Rock / Bay Bloor Radio / Bay Street Video / Crates / Extended Play / Jeremy Nusinowitz / Luke’s Records / Press Vinyl Cafe / Resolute Records / Dead Dog Records, Bloor St. / Dead Dog Records, Church St. / Play De Record / Pop Music

Vancouver – Dandelion Records / Greenhorn Cafe / Hit Man Records

Montreal – Musicotheque / Sonik / Centre Hi Fi / Cheap Thrills / Le Vacarme / BBAM! Gallery / Toy Wars