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Eric De La Torre

February 11, 2017

New York-city born Vali has been hard at work the last few years trying to break through the music scene and make a name for herself. She is currently signed to indie label Rostrum Records, known for carrying artists such as the Bird and the Bee, Boaz, and Mac Miller. Since 2011, Vali has been working with some of the best producers in the industry like Mark Baston (Alicia Keys, Beyonce) and Tommy Brown (Black Eyed Peas), but she may finally have it with “Ain’t No Friend of Mine”.

In a lot of ways, this single is very reminiscent of the spirit of Lorde’s breakthrough hit “Royals”. Sometimes opting for carefully crafted, minimal beats is the better way to go over loud party anthems. Vali’s “Ain’t No Friend of Mine” takes it’s time to develop itself out, taking the slow and steady route while at the same time remaining catchy. Not only that, but she doesn’t almost entirely without musical accompaniment, save for the drums while also delivering a timely message in today’s society about love versus hate.

If Vali continues to deliver future entries like “Ain’t No Friend of Mine”, she definitely has a bright future ahead of her. Check out the music video below: