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Jennifer Trujillo

May 31, 2016

There’s no denying that when it comes to fashion Gwen Stefani is the boss of this century. In her new video for “Misery” she displays her high sense of fashion and beauty perfectly. Director Sophie Muller puts her in what looks like an abandoned building with 3 other dancers who compliment the song perfectly. The color of this video is simply amazing, and she of course looks beautiful in every scene. I tried to pick a favorite scene from this video but I don’t think I can. This is the perfect example of how some videos don’t need concept, just a director who can capture beauty.

Towards the end of the video she walks up to a horse that every blog is claiming to be Blake Shelton’s. It may be, but come on, can’t she just pet a random horse?

Misery is the second single off “This Is What The Truth Feels Like”. Watch now!